Maria Clark Sings

Maria Clark's Referrals

referrals"Ms. Clark is a performer whose presence on the stage radiates dignity, style, and class.  She has charisma, and in no way reflects the 'cookie-cutter' tendencies too often in evidence in young singers today."

By George Shirley, Metropolitan Opera Tenor
Faculty, University of Michigan School of Music


"Maria has an engaging presence in performance that captures our hearts and causes us to experience what she is communicating."

Sharon Stephenson, Vocal Instructor/Owner of the Stephenson Vocal Studio of Atlanta


"Maria is a delightful individual who shows her seriousness and her dedication through music. She has a natural feeling to find the beauty in music and expresses it very well.  She is hard working, energetic and curious.  I am always impressed by her organizational skills, honesty, integrity, and professionalism."

Dr. Kyung-Mi Kim
Collaborative Pianist Georgia State University/Agnes Scott College of Music


"Maria teaches voice to my daughter. Her approach, firm but supportive, has garnered my awe. Sara, my child, has improved musically and socially. For Maria, it is not just the music; it's all that goes into it. She is a tremendous lady and a great role model as well as a musical force in my daughter's life. Young girls need confidence and Maria inspires that in a real way. Sara feels her talent and voice growing and that is huge."

by Matt Grana, Parent of Gwinnett School of Music Vocal Student