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Approaching Ali at NC Opera
January 30, 2015 by Luiz Gazzola
Opera Lively
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"Maria Clark sung beautifully..."

Live: Approaching Ali offers emotional attachment:
February 2, 2015 by Chris Vitiello
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"As Ali’s mother Odessa, Maria Clark was the most natural actor in the production.

Clark wandered in and out of the evening Ali and Miller spent together, humming two lines of a spiritual to restore normality to scenes that sometimes drifted between memories. She also had some of the best lines in the libretto, which Miller co-wrote with Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Campbell. Entering stage as she held a crock between potholders, she ended a meditation on fate by Ali and Miller with “Everything happens for a reason… including this chili." It was a classic sitcom moment."

Barry Alexander Vocal Competition Press Release:
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Review of Atlanta Opera's Porgy and Bess:
November 18, 2005 by Pierre Ruhe
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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"Even bit parts were taken by vocally fetching singers. Maria Clark’s strawberry seller
received a well-earned burst of applause for her tiny number." ~ Pierre Ruhe, AJC

YouTube Interview of Maria Clark for the Gwinnett School of Music (Click to view)